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We are a family company established in… We wish to promote creative forms of spending free time with friends and family. Personal development and relationship building are what we value most.


Lubartowska 77 is a building with both unique history and interesting industrial architecture. At first, it used to house a well-known scale factory. The origins of the factory date back to the 19th century, when a Czech industrialist named Wilhelm Hess (1848–1932) came to Lublin. Due to his remarkable curiosity about the world and the constant search for earning opportunities, by the age of 15, Wilhelm had already travelled as far as the United States, where he worked at scale manufacturing plants in Chicago and Buffalo. The experience that he gained there was of great benefit to him when he decided to create his own company in Lublin. However, prior to coming to the city, he married Elżbieta Cizek – also a Czech – with whom he planned to travel to Kyiv to establish his company there. The family came to Lublin by mere accident – their daughter got ill and they were forced to stay in the city longer than expected.


We are happy to promote the local food products at the weekly Lublin Fair, where everyone can speak with the suppliers and share their experiences. The EcoShop which offers fresh cold meats, cheeses and products suitable for people with allergies is open every day as well. Promoting the Lublin region handicrafts, available in our open space on a daily basis, is yet another mission of ours. These unique items include paintings, sculptures, ceramics, stained glass, artistic fabrics and many others.


Lubartowska 77 is a creative space established by passionate people. We care about spending free time in a creative way and building valuable relationships at the same time. We believe that all people, regardless of age, always have a new talent to discover.
At the Talent Workshop, you can participate in creative workshops for organised groups, whereas in the Educational Games section you can try out and purchase educational board games.


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Every Saturday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
It is our recurring event, in which many local food and handicraft producers participate. Each Saturday our hall becomes home to a ‘marketplace under a roof’, where you can taste coffee made in Lublin and have some delicious fresh bread with honey. Since many of our exhibitors hold official ecological certifications, you can also replenish your healthy food supplies without worry.

Come with friends, family or even by yourself to take advantage of our creative evening workshops. This is a perfect time and place to discover your talents, develop your existing passions and experience something brand new. During the workshop, you will be able to make and eat your own pizza, drink delicious coffee and create your own handicraft masterpieces.

It is a place in which workshops for children, adults and the elderly are held. We conduct music, cooking and art classes for organised groups because we believe that every person has some sort of special talent to discover. This special space that we have created allows children to build relationships, as well as discover and develop their talents via entertaining playtime.

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