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We welcome all schools, kindergartens and organised groups and encourage them to work with us. Through a wide range of themed workshops, we enable people to discover new talents and develop their existing ones. Art, music and cooking classes are just some of the options we provide. Thanks to creative thinking and improvisation, people discover new, invisible worlds of inspiration. Every person has the potential for such discoveries. We run seasonal workshops as well. We encourage everyone to see what we offer! We are always open to new proposals and creative cooperation. The Talent Workshop includes an Educational Games department as well. Educational games allow you to improve memory and coordination, as well as develop planning abilities. They also provide an interesting relationship-building tool. At Lubartowska 77, you can play, rent and buy a variety of Educational Games.

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We offer a wide range of creative and educational workshops for everyone. In addition, any event (depending on the date and number of participants) can be expanded by adding dedicated workshops as well. Creating an individual offering based on the workshops available is also possible.


We also organise workshops for schools, usually for 4th-grade primary school students. The scenarios available are meant to ensure that all children can properly integrate with both teachers and each other. Our workshops allow children to learn interesting things and improve their social skills at the same time. The children learn to interact with their peers face-to-face rather than via electronics. We can hold such events in two different locations: Lubartowska 77 and Dąbrówka near Lublin.

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It is a well-stocked shop with organic food, cosmetics and cleaning products. Gluten-free food, vegan chocolate and beetroot juice are just some of our excellent delicacies available there. Our employees are always ready to help you choose the products that best suit your needs.

Come with friends, family or even by yourself to take advantage of our creative evening workshops. This is a perfect time and place to discover your talents, develop your existing passions and experience something brand new. During the workshop, you will be able to make and eat your own pizza, drink delicious coffee and create your own handicraft masterpieces.

Every Saturday 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
It is our recurring event, in which many local food and handicraft producers participate. Each Saturday our hall becomes home to a ‘marketplace under a roof’, where you can taste coffee made in Lublin and have some delicious fresh bread with honey. Since many of our exhibitors hold official ecological certifications, you can also replenish your healthy food supplies without worry.

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